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Welcome to AO Sword, Inc.

929 E Main St (cross street Mollison)
El Cajon, CA  92021

Mon-Fri 10A-6P
Sat 10A-5P
Closed Sundays

Alpha Omega Sword Firearms is a very different kind of gun store, which is readily apparent as soon as you are greeted at the door by our welcoming staff. The shop’s warm decor, inviting seating, widescreen TV and gourmet coffee maker reflect our pleasure to host you as our guest in the store. There are no credentials or experience required to shop with us – we cater to all levels of experience. Combat veterans are welcomed and understood just as much as new shooters who have never held a firearm. Our patient, knowledgeable staff is truly here to serve you and your needs, whether you’re shopping for a very specific set of specifications, or you aren’t even sure what you want, yet.

AO Sword is the only retail firearms dealer in San Diego County with two certified and trained professional Gunsmiths on staff. Many dealers have one or more armorers, who can competently assemble AR-15’s and perform minor repairs on other firearms, but AO Sword has almost 60 combined years of experience in gunsmithing everything from 1911’s to match-grade bolt action rifles and high-performance AR-15’s. In addition, we are the only gunsmith in the county who also performs work on air rifles.

We specialize in Cerakote, an ultra-durable ceramic-based firearms coating. Cerakote is availale in dozens of colors, and oven-cures to a thickness of just 1-2 mils so that fitment is not affected.

In order to offer our quality gunsmithing services, we have our own precision mill, lathe, and other shop instruments. We routinely perform sight work, trigger work, stock bedding, chambering, cleaning, repairs, tapping, threading, and many other services.

AO Sword has a large selection of long rifles, handguns, and shotguns in stock. We buy and sell used firearms, as well. We have the best selection of AR-15 and LR-308 parts in the County, with dozens of barrels to choose from in every caliber available for the AR platform. We have thousands of varieties of AR handguards, lower parts kits, sling plates, mounts, grips, sights, triggers, scopes, buffers, stocks, and more.

Clearly, this website is a work in progress. We’re very good at gunfighting and gunsmithing, but probably not the sharpest stylus in the pocket protector. With our small, focused staff, we concentrate on in-store sales, and only have a small, representative sample of our products shown on this website.

Please contact us directly at service@aosword.com or 619-749-GUNS (619-749-4867), or better yet, come on by the store!

Alpha Omega Sword Firearms
929 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92021