“Adeptus Astartes” Cerakote – 50 Beowulf

This AR15 is chambered for the heavy-hitting 50 Beowulf round, capable of generating nearly 2,900 foot-pounds of energy at a speedy 1,800 feet per second. We were given license to create a custom build with a Cerakote theme that would help the gun stand out as a departure from the typical camouflage or military-tone color schemes seen on so many AR’s.


The result is the Adeptus Astartes – a futuristic two-tone theme imagined as an homage to the fictional Space Marines of the 40K universe. An ACE extreme-duty Hammer stock, YHM Diamond rail, nested faux suppressor, and a Daniel Defense integrated grip form the foundation for the build’s futuristic look. Heavy masking and meticulous application was required to get these two colors in all the right places, with a balance of base Tungsten and Blue Titanium accents.

We are very proud of our Cerakote services, and would welcome the opportunity to do anything from mild to wild to personalize your firearm!