AR-15 Pistol SSE 7.5-10.5″ – Custom


Custom SSE AR-15 Pistols – as little as $1098 for the design of your choice!

Product Description

AO Sword is pleased to offer our customers the same Custom Tools with Triggers that characterize our rifles, in an AR pistol platform. Built around our own high quality AO Sword forged lower receivers, you can pick and choose each and every component on the pistol. By the time your 10-day wait is over, your custom AR pistol will be ready for you in single shot configuration! As always, there is no extra fee for customization at AO Sword – each and every AR15 and LR308 is hand-built to order.

AO Sword AR Pistols start at just $1098. After purchase, you can easily convert your new AR pistol to standard magazine-fed semi-automatic configuration. Bring back the SSE magazine block and turn it in for a free 10-round magazine!