AR15 Signature Lower Parts Kit


AR15 Signature Lower Parts Kit

Product Description

Our Signature™ series equipment goes beyond MilSpec to deliver a higher grade Custom Tool with a Trigger™. As with our Duty-Rated™ Front Line™ equipment, all Signature™ parts meets or exceeds the performance standards required by professional law enforcement and military personnel for their duty weapons. The Signature series utilizes more intensive manufacturing processes, advanced coatings, higher quality materials, or tighter specifications than Front Line™ equipment, resulting in higher performance, lower maintenance, and/or higher durability.

Our Signature™ series lower parts kit contains everything you need to complete the trigger pocket and pins of your AR-15 stripped lower receiver. The forged MilSpec components ensure a crisp, reliable trigger break and strong firing pin strike. Manufactured in the USA by CMMG, these LPKs improve upon the Front Line™ kits by utilizing a polished sear surface prior to case hardening. The result is a smoother takeup and crisper trigger pull. In addition, since the sear surfaces are pre-polished, our gunsmiths can perform a precision trigger job on the Signature™ triggers without wearing through the vital case hardening, ensuring long trigger life. While the Signature™ parts kit is certainly not a necessary upgrade, experienced shooters are able to tell the difference, and appreciate the clean trigger feel.