AR15 Front Line Lower Parts Kit


AR15 Signature Lower Parts Kit

Product Description

Our entry-level Front Line™ series is everything you need in a quality, Duty-Rated™ firearm. Unlike cheap gun-show parts, our Front Line equipment meets or exceeds the performance standards required by professional law enforcement and military personnel for their duty weapons. By maintaining this minimum quality level even in our entry-level equipment, you can rest assured that your AO Sword Firearm will respond appropriately to your application of pressure to the bang switch.

Our Front Line™ series lower parts kit contains everything you need to complete the trigger pocket and pins of your AR-15 stripped lower receiver. The forged MilSpec components ensure a crisp, reliable trigger break and strong firing pin strike. Manufactured in the USA by DPMS, these LPKs are vastly superior to the non-spec kits commonly sold for $60 or less. The cheap kits often feature cast metal parts that will break over time, improper spring strengths, difficult trigger and hammer pin installation due to poor sizing, gritty takeups, double fire risks, and many other serious functional problems. Don’t trust your life, liberty, or loved ones to anything less than a MilSpec trigger group.

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