Custom AR-15 Complete Upper Receivers


Custom-built uppers – you choose each and every component, paying only for the cost of your upgrades! No customization charge, because all of our Custom Tools with Triggers are custom-built to your specifications.

Product Description

Please bear with us as we populate our website – we are, at heart, a face-to-face, old fashioned gun store, and a visit to the shop is the best way to bag our high quality gear. Please enjoy the photo below, depicting just a few inspirational samples of the complete upper receivers we can build for you, with prices starting at just $449.


We could sell complete uppers for as little as $390 and make just as much profit. We don’t, because we simply will not put our name on cheap, gun-show grade parts like ARD, ATI, and Global Military Gear (China). We can buy those barrels for $64 each, wholesale! It doesn’t take a machinist to realize that you can’t get much quality out of $64 of time and materials in a firearm barrel.

Our entry-level equipment is our Front Line™ series, which is all MilSpec quality (where applicable) – or better. These aren’t cupcakes we’re selling – they are Custom Tools with Triggers™. Any one of our tools might one day be pressed into service in defense of life or liberty. Should that day come, God forbid, you can be assured that your AO Sword firearm will respond appropriately to your application of pressure to the bang switch.

AO Sword Firearms stocks San Diego County’s largest selection of AR barrels, in multiple calibers including 5.56, .223 Wylde, 6.5 Grendel, .264 LBC, 6.8 SPC, 7.62×39, 300 AAC Blackout, and even LR308 in 308Win/7.62×51. We have all these calibers in multiple barrel lengths, gas profiles, finishes, and materials, from Cro-Moly to Cro-Moly Vanadium and 416 Stainless Steel. Our barrels are provided to us by special order direct from two different manufacturers to our exacting specifications, avoiding the over-gassed ports typical of mass market barrels. From Front Line button rifled bores to cold hammer forged sub-MOA tack drivers, our barrels offer incredible bang for the buck value.

Come select your custom upper from our giant selection of components, piece by piece, spending money on what matters to you and saving where you want to mind your budget. All our uppers are built this way – there is no extra charge for your custom configuration. You can also select from one of our many popular setups right from the Wall of Uppers!

Each and every component of the AR-15 and LR308 (AR-10 style) is in stock at AO Sword Firearms, in multiple varieties. Choose from a Front Line, Signature, or Nickel Boron bolt carrier group. Multiple upper receiver styles. Dozens of muzzle devices. Every part has a huge number of options that you can hold in your hand and evaluate. Don’t know what you want? Let our expert staff answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask! We’ll help you figure out what’s right for you – even if you don’t know yet – and we’ll treat your budget as carefully as a trusted friend.